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JP Baker Construction offers a variety of services to accommodate your professional needs. JP Baker specializes in build-outs of offices, doctors’ offices, law firms, churches, schools/cafeterias, public lobbies, warehouses, data centers/computer labs, and retail spaces. Equally important, managing logistical tasks, such as Pre-construction Planning, Site Survey, Managing Permits, Defining Scope of Work, Selecting Materials, Estimating Costs, Creating Schedule, and Developing Budget, are all in the expertise of our trusted associates. Construction tasks are better accomplished with professionals to implement the project.

Our implementation services include Site Management, Schedule Management, Change & Budget Management, Sub-Contractor Supervision, Safety Program, and Quality Control. If your business, school, church, or medical buildings are in need of remodeling or maintenance, our team of professionals are ready to help rejuvenate your space.

What We Offer


pConsider your building as the first glimpse of your organization. The overall design and function of the building could determine whether a client is comfortable. For example, a waiting room in a doctor’s office is designed to make the patient comfortable so they will have a positive experience. Most doctor’s offices have magazines and play areas for children now because they realize how important it is to attend to patients’ needs before they enter the exam room. Your waiting area could have all the magazines in the world and still not be welcoming or impressive. JP Baker can mastermind a space which allows for ideal flow of patients while ensuring that the patients’ comfort is maintained.

The same issue of comfort is relevant in a church building as well. If the lobby of the church is not laid out in a manner which welcomes the guests, this oversight could lead to a guest not returning. Another buildout conducted by JP Baker is educational spaces for schools. Schools have to contend with maintaining the safety of the children while maximizing the amount of children accommodated in the space. If hallways are not planned properly, the students could be caught in congestion and late for their classes. If students are late, their learning could be impaired.

In a technologically advanced world, computer labs are incredibly important. The design of a computer lab is essential because it will determine how many workstations can be accommodated, while maintaining an acceptable temperature and not overloading the wiring. Clearly, interior design and layout are vital for the success of all commercial buildings. When you are ready to remodel your space, JP Baker Construction is prepared to build a space which promises functionality and style.


pEven if the only people entering your building each day are paid employees, the interior design is still just as important. The interior of your building can ensure greater productivity. If your employees do not have to make unnecessary trips back and forth within the building, they will have more time to accomplish their tasks. In addition to greater efficiency, the overall design of a building could impress future employees. When a potential employee is checking out your business, you want the person to desire to work for you. If the building looks unappealing, dated, or poorly arranged, the potential employee could make a judgment about your company and choose to work elsewhere.  With JP Baker Construction’s interior remodeling, your employees will be proud to come to work and also will have increased productivity.


pYour company may already have a workspace you love that may be showing the decay of time. Our team at JP Baker offers maintenance services such as door and hardware replacement, carpet cleaning/repair, ceiling tile repair, concrete repair of sidewalks/driveways, pressure washing of buildings and parking decks. A building in disrepair could cause clients to believe the company is not being profitable or well-run. Your investment is building maintenance is essentially advertising the values of your company. Appearances are very important in the commercial industry because confidence is lost or gained through them. If your company needs a facelift or more consistent upkeep, JP Baker Construction’s team is ready to help. Your company should not lose business because of cosmetic wrinkles.


pIn the construction world, sub-contractors are the free-spirited artists. Often, sub-contractors dictate their own schedules and need guidance to keep on your schedule. At JP Baker, we can be your advocate. Instead of having to phone a sub-contractor if they do not show up on time, we will be the managers. Our project managers are motivated to keep all elements of your project on track. We take the hassle out of the project. In addition to ensuring your deadline is met, we also will make sure that your project is completed according to your vision. If you have selected a certain paint color and design, you can rest easily knowing your selections are being observed. When you do not have to supervise every detail of implementing your renovation, you have the freedom to focus on your day to day concerns. Let JP Baker Construction assist in making your project come to perfect fruition.

Leading the way in our industry, JP Baker Construction brings considerable amounts of experience paired with integrity. We promise that regardless of the size of your company’s task, we will provide our superior services to see it thorough to completion. JP Baker Construction is motivated to fulfill all of your commercial needs.

What else we do


Office Renovations

Conference Rooms

Office Interiors

Public Lobbies

Data Centers/Computer Rooms

Retail Facilities


Schools / Cafeterias

Asphalt Repaving



Pre-Construction Planning

Site Survey

Managing Permits

Defining Scope of Work

Selecting Materials

Estimating Costs

Creating Schedule

Developing Budget


Site Management

Schedule Management

Change & Budget Management

Sub-Contractor Supervision

Safety Program

Quality Control